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Taking Up the Slack

Taking Up the Slack

Compromise in our personal standards is seldom a result of one big, clearly defined, decisive moment. Typically the path which leads to a position of weakness in our lives arrives as a subtle whisper and as a result of laziness, or merely inattention due to the preponderance of distractions in our digitally enhanced culture. TheContinue Reading

D Day Retrospective

  June 6, 2014, Today in the US, we look back on an event in WW2, remembered as D Day. Here is the original historic dispatch from Associated Press. CNN brings us a fantastic retrospective on D Day in this Op Ed history based feature   If you were a young American, British or CanadianContinue Reading

Memorial Day Is….

A culture which does not connect accurately, reverentially or beautifully with it’s past, is akin to a rudderless boat: doomed to be at the whim of waves and weather. So today is Memorial Day. So what? Why should you or I care? Only because to not do so, is to engage in our personal demiseContinue Reading

Love and Trustedness

Maybe it is the full moon which hangs sagging slowly through a clear western sky which has me awake at 3am working. But I suspect that it may be something else. It always cracks me up, when as I am sorting through the variety of large and complex projects which are the melange of companiesContinue Reading


It is in recognition of the ironical that I communicate essence via digital connection. But here is the deal, if we get what essence is, we walk into balance as human beings and digital becomes an asset of high worth. The note above was written during the last days of my friend Justin Doty, asContinue Reading

On Beauty

I have a lot to say regarding Beauty and how it affects the Consciousness of our World. But rather than write on it and endeavor to go into the Science of the affects of Beauty, I am just going to share beauty with you as I have experienced it this week. Here is a prescientContinue Reading

Risk Perception

The image above was shot during the 2010 Maverick’s Challenge where I worked as support and Photographer for K38 Rescue, who ran Event Ocean Safety and in process was in charge of training a cadre of local watermen to be a Rescue team. That local team was headed up by Vince Broglio. It was aContinue Reading

Tis the Season

  For? We all know what the Holidays in North America typically are significant of: the prior sacrifices and services of the forbearers of the Nation and Christianity. Of course aside from those, at the core, it should be about the inception of gratitude. Traditions are funny things. Over time the embeds get, well… buried.Continue Reading