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It is Mother’s Day. Yesterday I wandered out to create an image that would be illustrative, which I could use as a thank you note through our Ocean Lovers venture site. That image is above. I thought about it prior to building it, and all through the process from design, to copy writing, finalizing, andContinue Reading

The High Value in Story

All of us as creatives, are storytellers. That is worth something. So the integrity, skill and life experience of a creator, matters very much. We function within a socio-economic system that is quite leery of the increasingly open source access to “their market”. In a conversation with two sage colleagues in Photography today, I hadContinue Reading

The Ties That Bind.

Been awhile since I have been able to write here. We have had an intense last few weeks. Deaths, Industrial espionage, amazing shooting days, Birthdays, you know: life. I have been thinking on this the past two weeks, likely due to the betrayal experienced in the espionage. (I was serious) Question I asked myself: WhatContinue Reading

High Definition

The other day, I ran across an innovative new little POV videocam, produced by Sony, and posted the info in a  link to my Facebook page. It breaks ground in a number of very important areas, oh and check out the price tag.  $200.00 Sony HDR-AS10 HD Action Camcorder The conversation that ensued on FBContinue Reading

Digging for Gems

  In my work, much of what I do is frequently not readily apparent. After a recent summit meeting which I got to attend, that was held at Google, I was approached as we all got ready to leave, by a woman who represents a powerful, vital force for the Oceans. I had found myselfContinue Reading

Being Clear

I ran into a friend the other day, who brought up an interesting point about some of my work. In essence, this is what he said. “Do you realize that you often leave it to us, to figure out what you are trying to communicate? That can be really frustrating, as so many of usContinue Reading

For God and Ocean: A National Prerogative.

In watching the Platform Horizon Wellhead Blowout event, and our Organizational response to it, I was at once impressed and appalled by the dual scopes illustrated. At the time, and to this day, I see the event as a diatribe against an innate inefficiency and possibly abject failure of our Philosophy of Regulatory Control, whereContinue Reading

Letter to a Friend

Sometimes waking moments are comprised of a tap on the shoulder regarding someone I care about. The note below, is as a result of one of those mornings. The person I sent it to, is someone who I respect as a visionary human being. The images here, are what occurred when the ocean reined overContinue Reading