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Ocean Life and the Great White Shark

Ocean Life and the Great White Shark

Ocean Life and the Great White Shark In recent months the reports of white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) activity in California have literally exploded in number, with videos, many of them shot from UAV (Drone) camera platforms, news articles and reports via the ocean community grapevine, indicating with little doubt, we have more of the speciesContinue Reading


Everyone has reasons for the things they engage, which by their actions define that person. The sage old adage of “It must work for them” really does not cover the reasons why people do things that well. I thought about why I do some of the things which I engage as an Artist, this week.Continue Reading


It is in recognition of the ironical that I communicate essence via digital connection. But here is the deal, if we get what essence is, we walk into balance as human beings and digital becomes an asset of high worth. The note above was written during the last days of my friend Justin Doty, asContinue Reading

On Beauty

I have a lot to say regarding Beauty and how it affects the Consciousness of our World. But rather than write on it and endeavor to go into the Science of the affects of Beauty, I am just going to share beauty with you as I have experienced it this week. Here is a prescientContinue Reading

Imaging Accountability and Authenticity

In the pretense of living in the now, it is not that uncommon for both people and business to overlook the manner in which they are able to affect things on the global stage. The connection culture of today, brings with it, an ever greater demand for accountability. Accountability is one of “those things”. ItContinue Reading

Be the Enlightened

This morning as I prepared for the workday, it was all hustle and bustle in my home. Wrestling with twenty pound cats, charging camera batteries. Organizing my gear for a shoot. Scanning weather data.  Reading a Chapter of Michael Kew’s new book, “Crossings”, and perusing Facebook a bit. Adding a few posts, while monitoring myContinue Reading

World Oceans Day

This is another in the blog series on  California. Ch 3. Today is a movement generated day called World Oceans Day. You can read about it’s History here. More years ago then I care to admit to, I had a couple custom board shaping appointments with two men. One board was for Tom Pratte. TheContinue Reading


I love the wave thing. Always have. Here are a few from this past week’s amazing sessions. Maybe listen to this as you toggle through the tight gallery I have assembled here. Great video. Seth Godin had this to say the other day, and it greatly resonated with me, friends and colleagues. You are yourContinue Reading