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The featured image this week is of my friend, designer Jenny Doll, deep into sword forms. When we endeavor to become at one with Nature, there is far more discipline, and exploration than one would at first glance, ever imagine to be required. We become it. It does not become us. This Winter season IContinue Reading

My Truth

Any Organization or person which stands in an effort to accomplish something of merit or value, must predicate it’s existence on belief. Some call this belief system: “Our Truth”. Recently I watched as one of the companies I am a part of, had it’s leadership disappear and not only jeopardize the organization, but potentially engageContinue Reading

Digging for Gems

  In my work, much of what I do is frequently not readily apparent. After a recent summit meeting which I got to attend, that was held at Google, I was approached as we all got ready to leave, by a woman who represents a powerful, vital force for the Oceans. I had found myselfContinue Reading

Letter to a Friend

Sometimes waking moments are comprised of a tap on the shoulder regarding someone I care about. The note below, is as a result of one of those mornings. The person I sent it to, is someone who I respect as a visionary human being. The images here, are what occurred when the ocean reined overContinue Reading


  One of the linchpins in the success of my imaging career, has been the ability to recognize and communicate beauty. Sounds simple. The reality is far from that. The reason being, is that beauty is a complex subject, and really has little to do with obvious and apparent physical attributes. Take the image above.Continue Reading

The Cove

          I was reading my daily dose of Seth Godin today, and his words on initiative, really struck home for me. Coincidentally, last night was Linchpin night here in Ventura. The Linchpin meetup is  an event Seth innovated, where self starters and doers, get together, network, have fun, and sow theContinue Reading


This is number five in the series on Loves. It is actually entitled Four. (Really.) If you understand the play on words with the copy title “Fore”, well then, you “get” Art and Artists. That is a good thing. We like it when people get us. It is why artists do what they do. ARTContinue Reading


I love the wave thing. Always have. Here are a few from this past week’s amazing sessions. Maybe listen to this as you toggle through the tight gallery I have assembled here. Great video. Seth Godin had this to say the other day, and it greatly resonated with me, friends and colleagues. You are yourContinue Reading