The Byproduct of War

The Byproduct of War

I have been watching and studying the History Channel production titled “Vietnam in HD” recently. It is both informative and excellent work which documents via high resolution film scans and authentic narrative, the massive conflict, as a nexus for American warfare and culture. You can watch it on Netflix.

The seeds for the Vietnam War were sown here.

(It is a very good read)

My Father was sent over to Indo-China as a member of an Army US Intelligence team, on the heels of the Korean War. He was charged with doing photography and map making, and his camera kit was actually a Korean War era Nikon one, which he loaned me in 1968 or so, when I displayed an interest in Ocean Photography. (I was 10-11 ish) The work he did was foundational to the US later actions in that region which we today know as Vietnam

Nikon as a byproduct of warfare.

It was at that time when he shared his imagery (Boxes upon boxes of slides) of Indo-China. He was very fond of the memory.

I was actually conceived and born in Milwaukee Wisconsin, where my Hawaiian Father was attending Marquette University on the GI Bill and met my Mother.

When it later came to be my turn to possibly go to War in Vietnam, I had via personal convictions developed through prayer and conversation with a high ranking Military officer who was in charge of much of the war theater there, determined that no matter what, I would not go into that swirling mess. My reasoning had nothing to do with the Fathers my friends had lost, fear of death, or anything of the sort. I just knew in my heart that this was not God’s plan for my life. He made that crystal clear to me in a manner which left an indelible imprint on my soul, which remains to this day.

Many people ask me how I became a photographer and why I care about the families of our KIA and Veterans both, and am willing to lend my work and efforts to their causes.

It is because I too am a byproduct of war. To me this is a living example of how God is capable of taking something evil, and turning it around for good. I am grateful for that. I have a certain indebtedness to my Father and every person who serves our Nation as a result. That debt can only be repaid in perpetual service to those individuals.

So when you see the beauty of the World and it’s Oceans being perpetually documented, elevated and shared via my Photography and Cinematography, well, now you can see, where I am coming from. I owe this. It is my commission, who and what I am and a slice of what having a Blue Mind really means to me.

Below are a few images shot this week. On Canon equipment in SPL Waterhousings 🙂 (sorry Nikon)

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