The Genie Effect


It starts early in our lives, that yearning for Change. To do, be, go: to another state of being.

Simple as the fable of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, which when rubbed, summons a genie who has the power to grant three wishes, the dream to be able to change what is, has become an embed as a fable.

In the fable’s bastardized versions,  the wish always goes awry. Generally due to making the wrong request. You get what is asked for. But at it’s end of course, the result was not what was wanted.

An onerous result can come about, quite frequently, due to bad: Philosophy, Moral Code, Data, or simply applying an emotional response predicated on a situation in the present, to a result that will cause you to arrive at some future point,  with a solution in hand, that sinks the ship of the cause.

This is why causes and organizations and yes, even people, frequently come to resemble that thing which they were created to abate.

Be ingenius, circumspect, imaginative and wildly collaborative, in developing what you wish for.

The Genie Effect is getting what you wished for.

Better ask the right questions. No one needs another Fable.





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