The Ties That Bind.

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Been awhile since I have been able to write here. We have had an intense last few weeks. Deaths, Industrial espionage, amazing shooting days, Birthdays, you know: life.

I have been thinking on this the past two weeks, likely due to the betrayal experienced in the espionage. (I was serious)

Question I asked myself:

What is the difference between a Colleague and a Competitor?

A Competitor will grab your hand so they can pull you close, which facilitates a stab in the back.

A Colleague grabs your hand and pulls you up, so that together you may form a community.

Best to properly identify the people one invites into your community-family.

There is health and happiness in that.

Oh and we built a Calendar! You can find and buy it here, along with some other goodies which Donna has designed. It was a spur of the moment thing. Some people got theirs today and I hear they look great!

And Corbis is doing something pretty cool. Online image updates to my commercial library by live link.

Here is that link.

Here are a few new images. Every picture tells a story, or maybe leads to one.

Aloha oe.

Hans triple XS

Brendan White at Rincon

Chumash Bath

Golden Wave


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