Vision is one of those multifaceted aspects . It is indirectly related to motivation. When one embraces motivation, and engages it, the word transmutates from noun to verb, as action is required

But what is vision?

Here is a great example.

Often a communicator has a vision for how to motivate people that is not readily apparent, as it is rooted deep within the thought processes and soul of the artist.

I do the vision quest thing a lot. I will follow a thread of interest,  let it develop within me, and when it is ready, a lot like the gestation period in child birthing, it comes out as an image or motion picture segment. The purpose, is to carry the viewer to a place that I would love for them to be.

The image below was one of those conceptual things: It is simply a woman wrapped in sheer on the beach at sunset. If you take a close look at the concepts involved,  you may be encouraged regarding several aspects of change, our culture undergoes on a regular basis. No one told me to make it. In fact, some of my colleagues and friends scoffed when I endeavored to shoot the Angel series. I do not blame them. It was my vision. Over a period of years it has proven itself as a very commercially and artistically successful work.

Cerulean Angel
Cerulean Angel

So that is my vision. That the people who view my work be comforted, encouraged and educated by it. It is not given to anyone. My work has never been about everyone. In fact, I endeavor to keep the truths contained in it hidden from casual view, just as in this  image which is entitled Cerulean Angel. Some will get that. They are the ones who SHOULD get the reward. That is my motivation. To reward seekers. Those are the leaders of tomorrow. They will help people long after my ability to do so evaporates.

The world will always slap you hard with it’s own realities. The artist’s goal should always be to enable the viewer to aspire to hope, and engage the life process empowered, and with a renewed vision and sense of purpose. We all should thrive in seeing our fellows do well.

I think maybe that is one of the reasons I get discouraged when I see someone being abused by a bullying entity. It is antithetical to what is prudent.  But God help us all, if we ever become that thing which we loathe. The fact of the matter is, that it occurs. Things corrupt.

Artists and revolutions are the cure for that.

Seth Godin has this to say about the broad market. His assessment has been my exact experience.

But be aware, that Jesus had perfect vision. He was crucified.

For lack of Vision. People perish. Here is a good study that relates well to business and moral compass headings.

With that in mind, are you ready to ply your Art?

If change were easy…….

But you are not everyone.

Vision, it is why you matter.


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