Walking Softly

Walking Softly

It has always perplexed me, becoming aware of an artist, and watching them as they grow, begin to follow the wrong thing, and then using their art, endeavor to convince others that they would do well, no indeed can only be truly free, if they choose to follow along in the artist’s flawed choice of beliefs.

Art is powerful. Like a gun, it can be a weapon of peace, or war. As with any weapon, intention is everything and accuracy matters.

Love and peace and hate and war. It is simple wisdom to understand when to engage and embrace each one of these.

To every thing: a season.

That is the way of this world.

Best to learn all about it before one becomes responsible for beckoning another onto a path that quite possibly is a highway paved with one’s own ignorance.

The old saw that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, could possibly be codified better by adding: “and arrogance”.

Walk softly.

A  Military Veteran, post service, survives and thrives, against all odds.
A Military Veteran, post service survives and thrives, against all odds.

Here is an example of this entry in imagery and music. Powerful.

Here is another.

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