Ours is a watery world. Immersed from the point of our conception, we have an affinity for water.

So it comes as no real surprise that many of my closest friends and colleagues are fans of my work, and in turn me of their vision and passion.

Greg Huglin, Dick Hoole,  Falzon, Davey, Aichner, Havassy, Croci, Koniakowski, Bruce Brown, etc. The list is long of those men whose work fuels my own desire to produce.


I met Jack McCoy one evening as I was walking down the beach on the South Shore of Oahu. I was hand holding a little Panasonic video cam with a fisheye I had built a press mount for. A tall guy smiled at me and asked about the little camera. A short conversation ensued and in a few minutes we were both laughing going “Holy shit, you are him!”

Awhile back I got a  call from Jack. He told me that he was working on something pretty special and was looking for footage of something I had shot in Hawaii on that very same trip when we met, as well as some Hawaiian stuff I had produced with Tom Stone on Java. I sent it to him.

Well the film is done and will premier in my home town. Here is the Press Release for Deeper Shade of Blue.

Here is the film’s trailer.

I have no idea if Jack used my footage or stills. But it does not matter really. I am a huge fan of this aging Cinematographer whose vision and physical ability defy almost any other person alive to match. When I asked Jack how long he planned on making movies and doing what he does in the impact zone, he looked at me and said enthusiastically “I don’t know, maybe 65 or 70?”

He will do it.

The images I get to build are assembled based on the tableau produced by my clan. This blog’s work was shot on the heels of a visit by Robb Havassy. We are feeding off each other. Surf Story Volume 2 is in the works.

Jack will be in it of course.

Hope he lets us come see his film.

Click on any of the images in this gallery to toggle through as a slide show. The surfer is Hans Rathje.

Everything was shot on the Canon 5D Mark 2 system. You should see the motion capture from this shoot.

Hopefully you will get to some day!

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