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I needed to shoot more wave and water surf work after the past couple months like, umm, well let’s just say, I did not need any more work to satisfy my commercial or editorial clients.

But right now I am buried in post production work from multiple back to back swims over the course of several days. My feet have a couple ulcerous sores which are oozing blood. Caused by not having time to rinse some gravel out of my Da Kine fins in between sprints after a promise.

I have probably shot close to 10,000 winners in this genre. But the past several days saw a new tack for my creativity that came to fruition as a result of further exploration of the coast and the limits of the Canon 5D Mark 2 imaging system and Lightroom by Adobe.

What had heretofore been impossible and not even dreamed of beyond the canvases of Artists like Robb Havassey, Wade Koniakowski and Ron Croci, I have now found to not only be possible, but in a way to be better. Why? Because it looked like what my psyche saw.

It is a trip swimming around in the first few minutes of light. Often I see things that make my heart sing but which my words and camera do not seem able to communicate adequately.

That barrier broke this week. It happened all at once after 12 years of exploration.

Here are a few samples.

Seth Godin had this to say about pursuing a dream, and more.

Whew! Got it!
Whew! Got it!

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