Independence Day was Born on the Fourth of July

Not vice versa. This is why we consider the Declaration of Independence to be the blueprint for Liberty. It covers the underpinnings necessary for the pursuit of happiness. It is the God given and legal architecture of these united States, with which what I term “The Suck” (which applies to those who endeavor to controlContinue Reading

D Day Retrospective

  June 6, 2014, Today in the US, we look back on an event in WW2, remembered as D Day. Here is the original historic dispatch from Associated Press. CNN brings us a fantastic retrospective on D Day in this Op Ed history based feature   If you were a young American, British or CanadianContinue Reading

Memorial Day Is….

A culture which does not connect accurately, reverentially or beautifully with it’s past, is akin to a rudderless boat: doomed to be at the whim of waves and weather. So today is Memorial Day. So what? Why should you or I care? Only because to not do so, is to engage in our personal demiseContinue Reading


Sean Tully dropped me a note the other day, which had me scrambling to find an image file we created awhile back. I could not locate the high res finals, only some low res jpegs. So I referred to the original shot file where the camera raws reside, and had a little look. What IContinue Reading

Foundations of Change

In the aftermath of the horrible events of Sept 11, 2001 I had found myself faced with a crossroads of sort which was quite unexpected. On one hand was the road to being immersed in the disaster and shooting that. On the other was quite a different tack. That of leveraging the change which IContinue Reading

The Value of Story: Mavericks

I am just back from witnessing the spectacle which is the Mavericks Invitational big wave event at Pillar Point, Half Moon Bay, Ca. There are a huge number of stories surrounding this event, and I must select a few, and share those in Editorial. I worked this event with Deniece Watkins Smith who is aContinue Reading

Ode to Resolution

My wife slipped into my office this morning as I was experiencing this piece. She said what I was thinking: “That is the soundtrack to Fukushima.” Here is a remarkable performance of The Dark Knight – Hans Zimmer /James Newton Howard -LIVE by the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra and Choir, a part of the Masterpiece show.Continue Reading

Critical Thought, and Creating Change

The other day I got an e mail note from a newer member of a group which I participate in with this piece related to Global Warming-Climate Change and the global push which attempts to reside beneath the subject heading of Sustainable Development, a subject which I know a great deal about and generally refrainContinue Reading